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Advertising in 2021 – Your Objectives?

[1]What Are Your Objectives of Advertising?

Do not be fooled, and advertising is a serious game. You will spend lots of money, and you need to get the return on that investment to grow your business and to do more advertising!

The first step of any marketing strategy is to establish why the ads are needed. For example, are you letting people know about a great new product or getting your starter business off the ground? Do you have an important message to share, or perhaps you have an apology to make?

When it comes to marketing, there are all sorts of reasons why a company might want a great ad campaign, but these can generally be broken into the following five categories:

1. Awareness.

An informational ad campaign is used to increase awareness and exposure within the target market. Examples include informing people about a new product, a change to your practices, special features or services, or even just letting customers know that you exist in the first place.

2. Conversions.

Most people assume that advertising is solely used to convince people to buy something. Although this isn’t the only objective, it is undoubtedly a crucial part of any ad campaign.

That said, the persuasion might not just be to convince you to purchase; some companies may use advertising to right a wrong or get customers to challenge their ideas about the brand.

3. Consideration.

Advertising can also be a valuable way to remind customers of your company’s vision. A good marketing strategy will also ensure you’re not easily forgotten (I still hum “Dumb Ways to Die” occasionally) and aids with word-of-mouth marketing.

Advertising Trends in 2021

[2]With smart technologies and platforms evolving, the marketing and advertising industry is poised for considerable change. Even as some of the old forms and practices continue, a few new ones will also appear and crystallize into established practices eventually. In an age when Digital Darwinism – a phenomenon wherein society and technology evolve faster than companies’ ability to adapt – is at full play, brands must keep pace with the upcoming new trends while retaining the ability to capitalize on existing trends. In other words, keeping an eye on the latest trends is the key to staying ahead of the curve.

With the explosion in social media and instant messaging platforms usage, especially on internet-enabled smartphones, some of the trends and formats likely to prevail and gain traction in 2021 would include conversational marketing, highly individualized one-to-one advertising, influencer marketing, mobile advertising with in-app and in-game ads, video advertising, video-embedded display banners, native advertising, accelerated pivot to automation, programmatic advertising and even cookieless advertising, among others. The following captures some of these trends.

Conversational Marketing

This facilitates a one-to-one, real-time connection between customers and marketers. According to research, when customers ask a question, 82 percent want an immediate response. As such, conversational marketing would continue to be an important part of a successful marketing strategy whereby businesses can gain consumers’ lasting trust and loyalty. The new-age AI technology-enabled chatbots are at the forefront of conversational marketing.

Highly personalized content experience

Another trend likely to prevail in 2021 would be branded delivering highly individualized ad content experiences for end-consumers. Unlike generic ads meant for a collective audience, they would use the latest technologies to know what an individual consumer is really looking for and serve the ads accordingly. Sending personalized video messages would become more common. Also, the navigation experience for consumers would be more user-friendly with more sophisticated and clutter-free landing page designs, effective Call-To-Action (CTA) tools, and clearer and catchier headlines and text.

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing enabling more direct and interactive communication between a brand and its audience would witness more action, especially on digital platforms, in 2021. It is not merely about trade shows and conferences but involves creating in-person, memorable interactions between brands and customers, both existing and potential. The objective is to help customers build positive associations with a brand. The XR or extended reality technologies, along with AR/VR/MR technologies that can integrate real and virtual world components, will further revolutionize how the content is created and consumed in the context of experiential marketing in 2021.

Mobile advertising

With ever-rising smartphone penetration and end-users spending more and more time on their phones for e-commerce and entertainment, including usage of videos and OTT platforms, mobile advertising will possibly become one of the biggest trends in 2021. Along with search and mobile browsers, while in-app ads and in-game ads would see heightened action, the rising story ads on social media platforms such as Instagram and others would further fuel this medium.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising promises an exciting time for online marketing in 2021. Instead of the traditional RFPs, Insert Orders (IOs) and negotiations, AI-driven platforms would enable media purchase in a real-time bidding context with an eye on a niche audience. Over the years, it has emerged as a key digital marketing tool across the industry. An earlier estimate had predicted that about $81 billion would be spent programmatically by 2021.

Video advertising

Needless to say, given the intrinsic appeal of the format, short-form videos and presentations would drive video advertising like never before in 2021. In fact, videos would be embedded into display banners, enhancing the attractiveness quotient for the brand while communicating a message more meaningfully to the desired audience. In addition, the live-streaming of videos would also enable the delivery of more timely and context-relevant ad content to the end consumer.

Native advertising

While native advertising has been there for some years now, allowing ad content to subtlety and seamlessly blend into the larger environment without intruding into viewer’s experience, it will remain an important tool in the hands of marketers and advertisers in 2021 too.

Influencer marketing

Another big trend likely to catch on in the marketing and advertising industry would be influencer marketing in 2021. With the traditional celebrity endorsement route increasingly losing lustre and the always-on interactive nature of social media platforms, brands would opt for influencers who typically come with recognition and credibility in niche subjects. Their dedicated following would better amplify a brand’s products and services and cut down on costs for the brand.

Sharp pivot to automation

With stressed budgets, thanks to Covid, marketers and advertisers would stick with the automation route even when budgets get to normal levels with an eye on keeping costs low and improving overall efficiency in 2021.

In addition to the above, some of the other forms of marketing that brands would increasingly opt for in 2021 would be affiliate marketing and more concrete and measurement-driven performance marketing. At the same time, pushed by regulatory authorities stemming from concerns on data privacy, cookieless advertising would gradually become more of a norm for the industry. Because of such a wide-ranging nature of new marketing and advertising trends making their appearance, companies could look to Trackier, a one-stop digital marketing solutions provider whose proven advanced technology-driven systems have brought extraordinary customer numbers, sales and revenues for brands for years

[3]How Are The Advertising Trends In 2021?

Reading Outcome:: After reading the article, readers and other fellow followers will view various patterns and trends that play a crucial role in determining the media consumption pattern.

Reading Time: 15 Minutes

If you consider a media entry or a visual foray in 2021, you need to consider better recognition and performance.


Internet Consumption Will be at 52% – Believe it or not, the year 2021 is an era mainly dedicated to netizens and their fellowship! So if you want yourself or your organization or your brand or anything for that matter to reach its potential, then projecting yourself on the Internet platform is what you need.

Not alone that, this is also your perfect chance to earn name and fame across various horizons and boundaries in a short period of time


» NETFLIX: If you want your plot or story or dramas or operas to be heard and felt, then this is your zone. Netflix, on the whole, encourages creative and

» YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Right from advertisements to documentaries, everything has a place in YouTube. So, this is your perfect chance if you want to be a global star.


Television Viewership Projected At 27% -Though the television viewership is slightly lower when compared to the internet usage, one can boldly say that Television is also the next destination if you want to want to be the person who wants to set in a trend that matches with viewership and better audience persona.

In addition to that, television gives you the advantage of visual presentation that you can harness in no time. So leverage the chance in favour of you!


» DAILY SOAPS: This is a great chance for you to protect yourself from various dimensions. Plus, it also enables you to set a mark in the media industry and publicity dimensions.

» WALK THE TALK SHOWS: An alternate to your usual interview sessions, these walk the show sessions are a great way to project your media brand presence at prime times with thought and leadership.


Outdoor Publicity to be at 7% – Surprisingly, the trends get lower in the upcoming days! Wondering why? The reason is we live in an era where everything gets digital, and hence the need for outdoor publicity automatically goes down. Also, people noticing these hoardings or advertisement signs are going down due to the persistent digital advertisements, which hover around the Internet.

Hence consider doing Outdoor Publicity with a tinge of innovation and creativity that will spread your fame!


» Image Building: Conducting events, sessions that aids in audience attention brand focus, purchase value and retail selling is the next best thing of outdoors publicity.

» Awareness and Display: Be it a launch or any other attention-seeking promotion that will aid your brand, outdoor publicity will be the acceptable solution as it brings in the needed channelization.


Take a serious proactive approach to advertising. Advertising is not giving specials each month. It is strategically applying the principles of advertising to get a result for you with a benefit to the user of the ad.

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