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Client Testimonials, and Their Importance

With the abundance of competition, social media, and Google reviews, it is a must that you have client testimonials. Testimonials give prospective site visitors a comfort level when making a purchasing decision.

Testimonials and their purpose:

  • Think of it this way: if your competition has client testimonials and you do not, who do you think may get the business?
  • Also, consider this: testimonials raise the value of your product or service. 

How may I acquire testimonials?

  • Send out a client satisfaction survey, and at the bottom of the questionnaire, ask for a testimonial, with a note asking for permission to display it on your website.
  • Send clients to your Google My Business page where they may add a review.
  • Send out an email, expressly asking for a testimonial, and you may need to incentivize them to do this.

Should you fake testimonials?

The straight answer to this is NO, never have fake testimonials on your website, social media, or Google My Business listing. I can guarantee that if you do, it may come back and bite you!

Should you pay for testimonials?

There is nothing wrong with incentivizing clients for submitting testimonials, and you may have to do this to get the ball rolling. However, I would start by reaching out to your best and most loyal clients first, ask them, and then see how that goes before using an incentivization approach. 

Ideas for acquiring testimonials longterm.

Here are some ideas that may make collecting testimonials easier.

  • As soon as you finish a project, make it part of your workflow to get a testimonial. It is always easier to get a testimonial while the client is pleased with the project/product/service performance.
  • Follow-up with the client, by email, and get their feedback on your performance and then ask for a testimonial.
  • After each service call, send out a survey and ask for a testimonial as part of the review.

In Closing:

Do not be afraid to ask for a testimonial; they keep you informed, help build your brand, and give prospective clients confidence when making a buying decision.

Should you have any questions or need help acquiring testimonials, please do not hesitate to call RapidPage today.

Nicholas Hughes

Oh hi there
It’s nice to meet you.
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We don’t spam!