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Email Marketing, Why an SMTP Service is Required!

SMTP is a “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.” WordPress Hosting Services are not very good for sending emails. What I mean is that most hosting companies limit the number of emails sent from a WordPress site or even block that functionality. Also, most website hosting companies know that most WordPress sites are not well managed, they get hacked, and the WordPress email send service will send spam if not properly locked down.

How Website Hosting Providers Stop Spamming Issues.

Most hosting companies and I have tried almost all of them, limit the number of emails per day or entirely remove the PHP send service from a WordPress website.

Other Issues with Sending From WordPress.

Besides the issue listed above, the other problem is that emails sent from a WordPress website, unless properly configured, go right into the receiver’s spam folder. The reason for this is that most hosting provider’s email IP addresses for website hosting get blacklisted. The IP gets blacklisted because the IP gets tagged for sending too much spam.

WordPress, Solving Email Sending Issues.

The first thing is, don’t waste your time calling your website hosting company, because they cannot help you with this issue. The only way to solve this issue is to subscribe to an SMTP service. Once you subscribe to an SMTP service, you will need to connect it to your website, which can be a bit tricky. However, once you set the ports correctly, you may have to search the hosting company’s help pages to find the correct send port, you will have the ability to bypass the hosting email send service.

Using SMTP for Email Marketing.

If you are using an onboard email marketing system within WordPress such as MailPoet or Arigato, you will have to set up the SMTP service to work within the software.

SMTP VS Third-Party Email Marketing Software.

I like sending emails from my WordPress website because the data remains in my control. All third party email marketing software is about them making money from their clients. And the cost of an SMTP service per month is far cheaper!

Advantages of an SMTP Service.

  • Safe and reliable email sending.
  • SMTP Guarantees inbox delivery from your WordPress website.
  • Receive bounced email reports from the SMTP provider.
  • SMTP is a lower cost than a third-party bulk email mailing service.
  • You are in control of your data/email lists.
  • Bypass all of the problems with WordPress and PHP, send service.


WordPress is a great website building tool. WordPress is NOT an excellent email sending service. Bypass all of these potential issues and guarantee inbox delivery from your WordPress website with an SMTP service

If you need assistance in purchasing or setting up an SMTP service for your WordPress website, give a call today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes

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