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Marketing in Messaging Apps Will Level-Up!


Setting up two-way communication on your website is essential. We have compiled these articles to give you some ideas on using a chatbot on your website.

[1]Creating a solid marketing strategy should always be your priority. It would help if you always looked for new ways to improve it and new tools to make it stronger. So far, social media platforms have been the most vital marketing tool we’ve had. But, messaging apps are growing in their potential and influence.

Including messaging apps can bring your marketing strategy to a whole new level. But, if you’re not sure how to use them or what improvements you could make with them, keep reading. Here’s how to use messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or WhatsApp to supplement your marketing strategy.

Use Ads Within The Messaging App

Messaging apps can help you reach a more significant number of people and turn them into leads and sales. All you have to do is come up with a strategy to combine ads with these apps.

That means that you’ll create an ad that will appear on the home page of the users’ messaging apps. They see the ad, and hopefully:

  • Click the ad
  • land on a page you set as the target
  • learn about your business
  • send you a message or scroll through your website

Try determining which messaging app your target audience is most likely to be using. Then, advertise your brand on the app’s home page and see where that takes you.

Provide Instant Customer Service

The days when people used to call on the phone to get any information are over. Instead, more and more people prefer sending messages and receiving the answer in the same form.

Messaging apps are an excellent way to ensure you have 24/7 customer service available for your customers.

Here’s what you have to cover:

  • build a strong chatbot
  • advertise it so your customers know they can use it
  • send personalized messages to potential customers to initiate a conversation

Make sure your chatbot nurtures a specific style that reflects the style of your brand. Check out the reviews if you need help with writing the text for the chatbot.

Content Selection

Messaging apps can direct communication with your followers and help them get the information they need.

For example, CNN has a Facebook Messenger bot that can help you find the news article that you’d like to read. All you have to do is type in the keyword such as politics, travel, or pets, and the chatbot will immediately send you a link to articles that you might like.

[2]How To Use Messaging Apps In Your Marketing Strategy

Research data continue to show us that time spent on messaging apps is constantly on the rise, with no end in sight. Dark social platforms such as messaging, email, and private browsing account for almost 70 percent of online referrals when it comes to sharing.

The usage and performance of these platforms are not easily accessible, let alone measurable, but make enough of a proportion of online interaction for us to take notice.

Early adopters have already started to blaze a trail for the rest of us to follow. So let’s see how they are harnessing the latest messaging technology to market themselves.

1. Using Bots To Make Shopping Easier

Facebook Messenger and WeChat are two of the most dominant social media messaging apps, so it’s not surprising that they also have features that favour marketers.

Facebook’s Businesses on Messenger allows businesses to reach out to customers through its popular messaging app. Consumers can receive information about their orders through Messenger, using the app to directly contact the online retailers for product information and get a speedy reply. Some of the first brands to take advantage of Businesses on Messenger include Everlane and Zulily.

KLM offers their passengers the convenience of receiving all of the flight documentation and travel information they need, such as booking confirmation, check-in reminders, boarding pass and flight status, all through Messenger.

2. Make Checkouts Easy with Payments Via Messenger Apps

In 2015, Snapchat launched a virtual wallet app, Snapcash. This allows users to store their debit card information on Snapchat and send money to friends and family simply by sending a message.

Meanwhile, WeChat joined forces with Western Union, allowing US-based WeChat users to send funds worldwide to around 200 countries and territories.

Not to be outdone, Facebook has been processing peer-to-peer payments for a couple of years already, having first integrated this feature into Messenger back in 2015.

3. Go full-throttle with in-app shopping

When bot technology and in-app payment features work in perfect sync, the online shopping experience becomes possible in the integrated, streamlined environment of the messaging app.

Shopify’s recent integration with Facebook Messenger makes this possible.

WeChat bots also enable its 600 million monthly users in China to book taxis, check in for airline flights, play online games, buy movie tickets, manage their bank accounts, schedule doctor appointments, and even apply for mortgages, all within the WeChat app.

[3]The Take

Ultimately, the final take on all of this information is that people are spending more time than ever before engaging in the art of messaging.

These people are your potential customers. Therefore, to achieve higher sales with the products and services that your business offers, you must go to where the people are.

Not only do you have the capability to send messages directly to your customers, but you can also utilize artificial intelligence to customize those messages to enhance the value of the user experience.

Most customers expect businesses of today to have a messaging platform that can be used for communication purposes. Furthermore, half of all people claim that if a company has this type of platform, they are willing to invest in them by purchasing its products and services. Therefore, if you desire to enhance your reputation, build your brand, and increase the amount of money that your company is making, it is imperative to utilize social messaging apps.


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