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When is creating a great packaging design, it is both science and art.  The technology of building a protective cover for a product for sales, distribution, and storage is complex. Also, the package must sell the product to its intended audience and it must exemplify the quality of the product within the container. Packaging Design Elements:

Unique Selling Point

The package design must in a split second convey the “Unique Selling Point” of the item. It could be the value, size or another element, etc. (e.g., a new flavor-“Green Apple,” key advantage “Against Dandruff,” lifespan “90 days pack” and so forth.)


It should make your image successfully conspicuous with the goal that the buyer can associate it with all of your advertising campaigns like Print Ads, Radio and TV plugs, etc.


How useful is the Packaging? Will the purchaser dispose of the package before utilization, for example, like a cleanser? Does the packaging fulfill its purpose and does it direct the purchaser to your website or to purchase other products you might offer?  Your packaging must be useful for selling after the sale too!


Incomprehensible text can cause poor sales. Chose typography and textual styles deliberately to empower simple correspondence of vital data on the package.

Eye-catching plan

Your package configuration must have “rack effect” and catch the eye of the purchaser as he/she passes the store rack. As a suggestion visit stores where your item might be and abstain from picking shading plans and structures for your packaging belonging your rival’s packaging.

Product Estimation

Your packaging must mirror the genuine idea of the product it contains. An extravagance item may need premium packaging; an inexpensive product ought to have a more conservative packaging. To go overboard on a commodity product packaging could be detrimental to your product or brand.


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